Portable Light Towers

Nationwide listings of new, used and refurbished Portable Light Towers for sale. Tower lights add an abundance of light and improve safety to your event area or late night construction zone.

In this era of super storms, an aging infrastructure and outdated power grids, the generators and equipment that provide reliable backup power and lighting are essential for first responders, hospitals, businesses and even homeowners for many reasons.

Generators can provide temporary back up power for hours and even days if needed. Portable Light Towers can provide light in remote areas where power is not available and let restoration efforts continue throughout the night.

These pieces of equipment aren't just for emergency relief either. Light towers are ideal when there is a need for temporary outdoor lighting at a large event or venue.

Diesel generator powered light towers are mobile and provide superior light for late night projects such as road construction. They are also an excellent addition to an equipment rental companies inventory.

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Is your company or business looking to go green?  Checkout the solar powered LED light towers and compare them to diesel powered equipment.

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